Wakakirri 2012

'Fit 4 Life ' - Wakakirri 2012

Once again this year St Vincent's are entering the story dance category in the National Wakakirri Festival. St Vincent's has a fine history of creating performances that deliver powerful and entertaining messages.        

The Wakakirri Festival is the largest multi-arts event in Australia. The vision of the Festival is to teach young Australians about themselves and others through the process of creating and sharing stories. The aim of the festival is to promote sustainable environmental practices in the Australian community through the arts. Schools are encouraged to create a stories that spread positive messages about the world around us. With this in mind, we have created a performance piece that spreads the message of living a healthy lifestyle through correct exercise, food and drink choices and positive uses of technology that will help us be - “FIT 4 LIFE”. We believe this to be a relevant and engaging story choice for our performance. The title for the performance is ‘FIT 4 LIFE’. This message will be delivered through a story/dance. This is the category that St Vincent’s have entered in the Wakakirri Festival (this is the original and generally the most popular category in the Festival).

Our cast this year includes dancers, actors, stage crew, a props and sets cast, media crew and also teachers, who come along on the day to do the make-up and help with the costumes and props (some of the props are lent by some of our school families). Parent Bronwen Rowles, has already started creating some magnificent costume and props that will certainly add spectacular touches to the visual aspect of the performance.

The rehearsals are have started off wonderfully and the performance is coming together beautifully. Once again we are looking forward to a fun, exciting and transcending journey on the way to Wakakirri Festival 2012.

Dan Bloxsidge , Wakakirri Director