Enrolment Procedures

​​​​​Application for ​Enrolment Online

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at St Vincent’s Primary. Please find the link below to your child's online application for enrolment.

You will need to click on the ​link, enter and review the required details, complete and submit the form.

If you are applying for the enrolment for more than one student, when the form is completed, an option will be available to submit another enrolment for each additional student.

Should you experience any difficulty completing the online application for enrolment, please contact the office directly.


Click here to access our Online Enrolment Application Form


Click Here to pay the Enrolment Application Fee​​

A non-refundable application for enrolment fee of $55 per student is payable when submitting an application/s for enrolment.


Click here to pay the Non Refundable Enrolment Confirmation Fee

The enrolment confirmation fee is required to confirm student acceptance of enrolment. Should a student's enrolment be withdrawn prior to entry, the enrolment confirmation fee will be forfeited​.

Enrol​m​ent Process

  1. Applications are considered by the Principal, in consultation with the Parish Priest and decisions about enrolments will be communicated in writing.
  2. Interviews for Prep occur during first term of the year before the child commences.  Dependant on availability, further interviews for Prep may occur during term three.  Interviews for other year levels occur as vacancies arise.  It is important that your child or children who are enrolling attend this interview.
  3. Offers for positions are sent out with a ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ form.  Acceptance of the position is conditional upon paying a security deposit. We require a term’s school fees as a security deposit to be lodged with the ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ form. This fee will be refunded the year your youngest child completes the final year of primary school at St Vincent's and after all outstanding fees have been paid. This fee will not be refunded if your child/children leave before this time, however in the event of extenuating circumstances this matter will be left to the discretion of the principal.
  4. Late applications or applications for enrolment to commence during the year are always considered with due regard to the eligibility priority criteria. However, offers of an enrolment for such applications are contingent upon the availability of places in particular year levels.