​Enhancement at St Vincent’s relies on a collaborative partnership model to support students with special learning needs. This partnership involves collaboration between the support personnel (class teacher and school officers) parents, and other professionals. A major aspect of the consultative Enhancement role is planning and working with teachers as well as training school officers.

Organisation of Enhancement

Students with special needs (this includes Gifted and Talented students as well as students with disabilities) together with students who may be experiencing some difficulty with various aspects of the curriculum, are integrated in regular classrooms where they develop a sense of belonging.

Withdrawal of students for work on an individual or small group program may occur but the preferred method of providing support is in-class, alongside peers.

Support can be provided by:

  • curriculum differentiation or modification of outcomes;
  • provision of in-class support;
  • adaptation of printed materials;
  • individualised instruction when needed;
  • collaborative planning with teachers;
  • small group work;
  • guided reading;
  • peer tutoring;
  • Support-A-Reader; and
  • Modified Homework Programs.

The partnership between the school and home is extremely important. Enhancement programs, backed up by home support are more likely to provide desired outcomes.

For further information please email the school at probina@bne.catholic.edu.au

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