Mercy Qualities

Our school motto, Misericordia, means mercy. Mercy is God’s compassion; God’s loving kindness reaching out to all. Mercy is love in action. Misericordia highlights our historical connection to the spirit of the Mercy Sisters, founded by Catherine McAuley. Catherine, whose qualities included compassion, humility, friendliness, prayerfulness, a strong sense of giving, courage, sympathy, peacefulness, gentleness and love, was a strong advocate for women in her day. Above all, Catherine encouraged and lived a life of charity.

We recognise St. Vincent de Paul, a priest, after whom our school is named. Vincent lived a life of service. He revolutionised religion by returning to the basics Jesus taught; feeding the hungry, comforting the afflicted, nursing the sick, caring for children and the elderly. There was no human suffering that he did not seek to relieve. Vincent also founded the Sisters of Charity.

We acknowledge that our school covenant guides our daily actions. Together our community is called to contribute to the shared stories and vibrant memories of St. Vincent’s School. Our covenant, together with the attributes of our religious patrons, Vincent and Catherine provides us with our Mercy Qualities:

  • Quality Relationships
  • Responsibility
  • Care and Compassion
  • Spirituality and Faith
  • Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness
  • Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion
  • Dignity and Justice
  • Stewardship
  • Embracing Life

At St. Vincent’s we strive to live our everyday lives according to the Mercy Qualities. Together, staff, children and parents endeavour to build and maintain a community which values quality relationships and where we each strive to be more like Jesus.

The Mercy Qualities Program seeks to further develop our children as well rounded community members who are value based in their decision making and imbued with a sense of God.

Mercy Qualities Program Definitions

Our qualities are the positive personal traits that we show through our every day actions and decisions.

Quality Relationships

I value quality relationships.  I have good relationships when I:

  • Listen to others
  • Work and play cooperatively
  • am a positive team member
  • use my manners
  • respect and treat others fairly
  • am thoughtful about the feelings of others
  • support others in need
  • forgive others


I use my initiative to make the right choices.  I am responsible when I:

  • follow class and school rules
  • manage my own feelings and behaviour
  • wear the St Vincent’s uniform with pride
  • am punctual
  • am reliable and dependable
  • am a positive role model

Care and Compassion

I nurture and care for myself and others.  I show care and compassion when I:

  • solve conflict with dignity and care
  • welcome others
  • am kind
  • am generous with my resources (time, money, talents)
  • respect myself and others
  • consider another person’s point of view

Spirituality and Faith

I recognise God in myself in others and in the world around me.  I live my faith by:

  • actively participating in class and school liturgies
  • showing reverence
  • being prayerful and reflective
  • caring for God’s creation
  • being sensitive to others and the environment
  • respecting other people’s expression of faith

Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness

I am honest in my words and actions.  I show honesty, integrity and trustworthiness when I:

  • am true to myself and I stand up for what I believe in
  • make good decisions in difficult situations
  • tell the truth
  • admit when I make a mistake
  • show others I’m trustworthy

Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion

I know and do what is needed to live harmoniously.  I show Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion when I:

  • work and play harmoniously
  • welcome others
  • respect others even when they speak, look or act differently to me
  • positively acknowledge other people’s differences

Dignity and Justice

I recognise injustices in our community and our world.  I show dignity and justice when I:

  • serve those less fortunate than me
  • contribute positively to the lives of others
  • acknowledge my mistakes and rectify them
  • am thankful for my privileged life
  • solve conflict with dignity and care
  • recognise the needs of others, especially those less fortunate
  • respect other people’s views


I serve others and the environment.  I show stewardship when I:

  • help around my school and my home
  • clean up our playground and look after our gardens
  • offer assistance to others
  • see a problem and I take action
  • am environmentally aware
  • give my time for a worthy cause (eg. Minnie Vinnies, Environment Committee, Carbon Cop, Clean up Australia Day)
  • respect God’s creation

Embracing Life

I make the most of every opportunity.  I embrace life when I:

  • strive to be my best and improve my work and behaviour when needed
  • bounce back and learn from my difficulties (I am resilient)
  • am optimistic
  • challenge myself and persist even when things get hard
  • use my talents confidently
  • have a positive attitude to life and learning
  • am a self directed learner
  • contribute positively to the community