1:1 Device Program

St Vincent’s Primary School provides a technology rich environment to support students with their learning. Technology is integrated across the curriculum, supporting students learning within the digital world in which we live.

Our 1: 1 program for Years 4-6 has an emphasis on the iPad Pro as a learning tool to foster and promote students’ capacity to collaborate, share information and experiences, work across the domains of the curriculum and be self-directed in their learning. The program is guided by teachers whose skill and expertise ensure that the curriculum is delivered in an engaging manner, relevant to the 21st century learner.  

Information session handout is available here

Our computers

We provide each student with an Apple MacBook Air laptop in Year 4. The school purchases the computers and parents pay the costs over twelve terms. Parents will have ownership once the final payment has been paid through the school fees.

For your child to have 24/7 access to their laptop ...

  • parents must attend the Parent Information Session
  • parents must sign the PARENT LAPTOP USE AGREEMENT
  • parents go through the Laptop Policy with their child
  • computer bag ($50) and levy ($150 due each term) must be paid

Download the policy and copy of the agreements here


Accidents happen but fortunately our computers are covered 24/7. Parents can download a copy of the policy details here.

Repairing the Laptop during Holidays and if damaged at home 

In the event that a student laptop is accidentally damaged away from school or is not working during the holidays, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to submit the computer for repairs. The steps in this process are outlined below:

  • Fill out Incident Report Sheet and Insurance Claim Form and return to your class teacher.
  • Contact Apple Store, Robina (by booking online at apple.com/au/robina and follow the prompts) to book a Genius Bar Reservation for a Repair Quote.
  • Take the laptop to be repaired to Apple Store, Robina (at the agreed time). A technician who will assess the work to be done and issue a quote.
  • Send the Apple Repair Quote to school.
  • If the repairs form part of an insurance claim, the school must receive a payment of $150.00 excess before repairs can be approved.
  • When all paperwork and the $150 excess is received, the student will be issued with a loan computer and the school will authorise Apple to commence repairs.
  • When repairs are completed, Apple Store Robina will contact families to arrange a time to collect hardware (i.e. laptop, charger/adaptor).
  • Student returns ‘loan laptop’ to library

Willful damage and/or neglect are not covered by the insurance policy and parents/guardians will be solely responsible for the cost of repairs and/or replacement of the computer and associated hardware/software. 
Loan computers will not be issued in these circumstances.

Need to make a claim?

For claims download and complete this form.

 Cyber Safety

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