Resource Centre


St Vincent's Library staff extends a warm welcome to all students, parents and staff.

St Vincent’s Resource Centre aims to encourage an appreciation of literature and reading.  As the educational hub of the school, we strive to have a varied selection of reading materials and resources designed to suit the needs and interests of the children.

Library Staff

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Therese Brennan

School Officer: Mrs Adrienne Cannard

Opening Times

The library is open before school from 8:30am, at second lunch break (except Wednesday) and after school until 3:30pm. Students can borrow during these times unless library staff are unavailable. For example, staff meetings on Tuesday afternoons.

Class Borrowing

At St Vincent’s, students borrow on a weekly basis.  They are encouraged to make their own selections. Students and are taught selection strategies such as “The Five Finger Rule” to help them choose books that they are able to read independently. Children may also borrow for the simple pleasure of perusing books of interest.  


Year Level
Borrowing Limits
Borrowing Time
1 book
One Week
1 book
One Week
2 books
One Week
3 books
One Week
4 books
One Week
4 books
Two Weeks
4 books
Two Weeks


As well as students' allocated borrowing time, students are welcome to borrow before school and at lunch time​.  Borrowing limits/times may be extended on an individual basis through negotiation with library staff.  Books may be borrowed over all school holidays except the Christmas holidays.

Family Borrowing

Family Borrowing provides an opportunity for families to borrow from the library both during the term and over the holidays (excluding the Christmas break).  Families can borrow up to ten books for four weeks. The responsibility is on the parents to return books as students are responsible for returning their own personal library borrowing.

Borrowing Information

  • Borrowing take place Wednesday afternoon from 2pm-3pm
  • Parents are welcome to borrow from most sections of the school library for a period of four weeks
  • Our Library Staff are available to assist you if you require help

Our library also has a range of books and resources specifically for parents/carers on subjects such as supporting your child's education, behaviour and additional needs.

If you are interested in joining up our library, please pop in and collect a parent enrolment form.

Library Satchels

At St Vincent’s we take great pride and care of our school books.  Library satchels are required by all children to protect the school’s resources.  Lost Library Satchels can be purchased through the Uniform Shop for $10.  

Lost, Misplaced or Damaged Books

At St Vincent’s we are fortunate to have a wonderful library filled with a wide range of titles. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the book must be paid for.  Students are taught, reminded and expected to take care of the books they have borrowed.

As of 2020, replacement costs are $15 for paperback books and $20 for hardback books.  Parents have the option of either paying the amount or sourcing the replacement book themselves.  Final decision is at the discretion of the Classroom Teacher, Principal and /or Teacher Librarian and will depend on each individual set of circumstances.

What do we offer?

St Vincent’s Library Resource Centre has an extensive collection of books both print and online. Teachers also have access to reading programs, computer programs, DVDs, CDs, maths, language and science equipment and games.  We are constantly updating our resources in line with the Australian Curriculum.  Students may request resources to be purchased for both educational reasons and/or enjoyment.

Students are encouraged to use the Library Management System called “Oliver” to search and locate library books. “Oliver” also has links to various online programs, clips and educational games that students can use at lunchtime.

The St Vincent’s Library Resource Centre provides opportunities throughout the year for students to celebrate their love of reading.  For example: Lunch time reading, borrowing and returning, Book Week, The Premier’s Reading Challenge, Readers’ Cup, Book Fair and Book Club.

Scholastic Book Club is offered once during Terms 1, 2 and 3.  Parents place orders online and cash is not accepted. Once completed, order slips are to be placed in the Book Club box that is located on the circulation desk in the library. Book Fair is held in Term 4. This is a wonderful way to celebrate a love of reading with your child/ren.

For any enquires or concerns, please call in or email Therese at

Yours in reading,

Therese Brennan


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