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 Volunteers at St Vincent's

 All parent volunteers must complete training to become a registered volunteer before they can be parent helpers.

During 2007, the Queensland Government amended the “Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian (CCYPCG) Act”. This has implications for volunteers working in schools. The expectations are in relation to ‘Child Protection’ and exist for the good of all students in our care. There are now some very specific expectations of schools in relation to volunteers who work in the school. These are set out below. All parent volunteers must complete steps 1 to 4 and the school must be able to produce the documentation. Non-parent volunteers (eg other relatives and friends) must complete Step 5 and the school must have a copy of the ‘Blue Card’ and other paperwork on file.

  • All volunteers must be registered with the school. This is done by completing and signing a ‘Volunteer Register Sheet’.
  • All volunteers must be provided with a ‘Volunteers Code of Conduct’ which they must follow.
  • All volunteers must sign a ‘Volunteers Suitability Declaration’.
  • All volunteers must complete a ‘Student Protection Training Session’. This will be run by the school at the school.
  • Any non-parent volunteers must undergo employment screening and receive a Positive Blue Card for Volunteers. The volunteer cannot work at the school until the Positive Notice Blue Card is received. There is no charge for volunteers to receive the Blue Card.  

For parents who have previously completed the training it is necessary to have updated paperwork for each year. Parents are asked to sign the ‘Volunteers Suitability Declaration’ again and also sign off on the ‘Volunteers Code of Conduct’. Both these forms are available in the front office and once the Volunteers Suitability Declaration is signed it will be retained by the office for filing. There is no need for parents who were registered volunteers last year to complete a ‘Student Protection Training Session’ again.

To renew your Volunteers Suitability Declaration form please click here.