School Fees Policy & Structure


The following information will outline the structure and components of school fees, the purpose of fees and the areas of the school’s operation in which these funds are applied, and the policy in relation to payment of fees and methods of payments. 


School fees are reviewed in the latter half of each year at the time of preparation of the following year’s school operating budget.

The Budget is prepared by the Principal. A draft is produced and presented to the Parish Priest and Parish Finance Board, normally in the early part of the new year.

During the course of the year, actual operating results are compared with original budget estimates on a quarterly basis. This quarterly review is presented to the Parish Finance Board.

Fee Generation

School fees are invoiced at the commencement of each term and are payable within 14 days of the date of the statement. As school fee statements may, from time to time be posted, it is important to ensure that the School Office is notified of any change of address.

Normally fee statements are distributed to the children to take home. Reminder Notices are normally posted within a month following the due date, and are directed to families who have outstanding fees with no accompanying alternate payment arrangements.

Please refer to the section on payment policy and payment method for further information.

School Fee Components 

 Fees consist of two components:
  1. School fees

  2. P & F Levy

School Fees 2018

Please see below a breakdown of fees to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or per term.


$           830.00
$         3,320.00
$        1,150.00
$         4,600.00
$        1,390.00
$         5,560.00
$        1,550.00
$         6,200.00
​YEAR PREP, 1, 2, 3 - I.T. LEVY                              ($25.00 per term)$ 100.00
 YEAR 4 – COMPUTER HIRE                                  ($120.00 per term)
$ 480.00
YEAR 5 – COMPUTER HIRE                                  ($140.00 per term) $ 560.00
YEAR 6 – COMPUTER                                           ($140.00 per term)
$ 560.00
YEAR 6 – CAMP                                                     (invoiced in Term 1) $ 800.00
PER FAMILY - Parish Voluntary Contribution   ($15.00 per term)
​​$   60.00
​ ​
If you have 4 children.
1 child in prep  / 1 child in Yr 4 / 1 child in Yr 5 / 1 child in Yr 6 & would like to pay the Parish Voluntary Contribution
4 CHILDREN YEARLY FEES                        = $6,200.00
Add Prep IT Levy                                       = $    100.00
Add year 4 computer                               = $    480.00
Add year 5 computer                               = $    560.00
Add year 6 computer                               = $    560.00
Add year 6 camp                                       = $    800.00
Add Parish Voluntary contribution        = $      60.00
TOTAL YEARLY FEES                                 = $ 8,760.00
Weekly direct debit payments divide by 40 weeks            = $ 219.00 per week
Or Fortnightly d/debit payments divide by 20 fortnights = $ 438.00 per fortnight
Or Monthly d/debit payments divide by 10 months          = $ 876.00 per month
​40 X WEEKLY PAYMENTS                               16/02/2018  -  16/11/2018
20 X FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS                    16/02/2018  -  16/11/2018
10 X MONTHLY PAYMENTS                           16/02/2018  -  16/11/2018
4 X TERM PAYMENTS                                     16/02/2018  -  16/11/2018

We encourage all our families to complete the Direct Debit form and return to the office ASAP for processing, as it only needs to be set up once and fees are taken care of for the year!

A new direct debit is to be completed every year.  Please return the form to the office ASAP for processing.

Download the Direct Debit Form Direct Debit Form.pdf

Please amend the direct debit form as necessary ie for each child you have in years Prep to Year 6 (and the Parish Voluntary Contribution if you wish) to the yearly school fees.
St Vincent’s School generates an all-inclusive school fee which covers the cost of all items and resources including stationery, writing implements, books and technical equipment, and camp costs (a co-payment of a proportion of the cost of the Canberra Excursion for Year 6 students will be required). Not included in the all inclusive school fee are the purchase of uniforms, optional programs eg instrumental music, speech and drama, and school photos. 

School fees also pay the following – 

  • The employment of “above schedule” staff (School Officers, Clerical, Groundsman) and associated award superannuation and workcover charge, contract payments associated with fire protection, pest control and security services. They also pay for insurances, electricity, audit fees and other professional costs, rates, cleaning supplies and telephones.
  • Maintenance of grounds and repairs to plant, equipment and furnishings.
  • Classroom and specialist resources, general office and stationery costs, copy paper, postage, professional printing and staff professional development costs. Bus transport for sports, swimming, camps and excursions, first aid supplies, life education, physical education, sports, swimming and other tuition expenses. Also included is the cost of consumable and non consumable booklist supplies to students – all year levels, and camp and excursion expenses (excluding in part, the Year 6 Canberra Excursion).
  • Capital expenditure involving school and office furniture and fixtures, computers and other equipment.
  • Payment of the Archdiocesan Education Levy to Brisbane Catholic Education. The School is invoiced on a quarterly basis, and while the levy constitutes a small percentage of overall income to Catholic Education, it is a major item of expenditure to be met by the School. Catholic Education Office recurrent expenditure includes school level staffing, various grants, central services, and other sundry costs. Archdiocesan Education Levies for 2017 are $190 per child for Primary Schools, and a Special Futures Fund Levy of $20 per child for Primary Schools.
  • A percentage of school fees is directed to the School Building Fund. Determination of this percentage is based on the completion of a yearly Budget for the School Building Fund. Income to the School Building Fund consists of the percentage of school fees, together with a predetermined percentage of the Parish Planned Giving (2nd Envelope) Collection of the Parish. This percentage is determined by the Parish Finance Committee.

Tax Deductibility applies to Planned Giving Only.

Expenditure of the School Building Fund includes capital school building costs, school buildings repairs and maintenance costs, cleaning, insurance (buildings), repayment of school loans, audit fees and a proportion (50%) of Parish Planned Giving costs.

Parents & Friends (P & F) Levy 

A Parents & Friends’ Levy was introduced in 1997 by the School’s P & F Association. The purpose of the levy is to guarantee the Association a regular income without the constant demand on parents to fundraise. Parents & Friends sponsored fund raising is limited to major events, such as the annual St Vincent’s Night. The levy enables the P & F to continue to provide resources, but to spend the majority of its time concentrating on social events for parents or other issues that may arise. The Parents & Friends’ Levy for 2017 is $30 per term ($120 per annum) per family and is included on the school fees statement issued each term. Levy funds collected are returned to the P & F.

Payment Method

School fees may be paid by cash, cheque, bank debit or credit card (bankcard, mastercard, visacard). EFTPOS facilities are available at the School Office. Credit card payment may be made in person at the school office, or by completing the lower portion of your fee statement and returning it to the payment box located in the school office, or by telephoning the school and providing the relevant card details.

A periodical payment authority can also be completed to have fees deducted from a bank account. This facility, lodged with the Archdiocesan Development Fund does not attract bank fees. 
NOTE: Payment by cash should only be made in person and a receipt obtained at that time. Where circumstances exist to make it necessary, any claim that school fees were paid in cash must be supported by a school receipt.

 Payments of Fees - Policy

The policy for the payment of fees in 2017 is that upon receipt of each term’s school fees account, the School Principal must be informed immediately if fees cannot be paid in full by the specified due date. A proposal for repayment of the fees over the course of the term must also be made at this time.
In the event that two terms of fees are outstanding, and in the absence of any existing arrangements or advice, an interview will be arranged with the School Principal, and the family will be notified of the date and time.
Families should be aware that part of the control mechanism for outstanding school fees consists of a written record made each time an overdue account is forwarded, or an agreement made (verbally or in writing), a phone call made or received, or an interview conducted.
Fees that are owing when a family leaves the school or when significant arrears have accumulated may, depending on circumstances, be handed to a Debt Collection Agency for recovery, which may involve the instigation of legal action.

School Fees Concessions

Fee concessions will be determined on the basis of a just and equitable formula.

Any reduction in fees will be looked at in terms of the financial needs of the family concerned, and their responsibility to full-fee paying parents and the efforts these parents make in paying their fees. 

Once a student has met the enrolment criteria, concessions should be available to the family of the enrolled student.

The granting of a fee concession at St Vincent’s School does not imply an obligation for a concession to be granted at an Archdiocesan college.


  1. Families wishing to apply for fee concessions contact the school finance officer, Ms Sharon Simmons who will supplies the form Application for Concession on Fees.
  2. Parents complete the form and supply the relevant documentary evidence. A taxation statement for the last year, pay slips and the income statement from Centrelink are all necessary and evidence of income with rental receipts, bank or building society statements as evidence of housing cost.
  3. Using the Fee & Building Fund Levy Concession Worksheet together with the current Henderson Poverty Lines data, it is determined what the fee to be paid is or whether further clarification from parents is required.
  4. If all paperwork is provided, an interview may not be necessary. If required parents will be requested to attend an interview.

Concession Formulae 

The formula for determining a reasonable fee payable for a family is based upon the total disposable income of the family less basic housing costs. The resultant income is then compared to the `Poverty Line' for Australian households and a sliding scale is then applied.

No allowance is made for repayments on holiday houses or hire purchase contracts. If a family so decides its priorities to encompass these things, the burden of that decision is on the family.​